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Sept 26 - Lunch with Ladies



Sept 28 - Penny's Birthday Lunch

We picked this time  to be in California because Mike' birthday was last week, and Penny's was today. We met at a local restaurant.







later at home, the kids and some of the paper flowers that Patty and Penny made




We went for a walk around the block and saw these tree sculptures.


Sept 29 - New Clairvaux Abbey and Winery

Today, we visited New Clairvaux, a winery  located about 30 miles north of Chico.  It was once the largest winery in the USA, then converted to making brandy because the wine was not selling, the taken over by a Christian monastery, and in the last few years resurrected as a specialty winery with Aimee Sunseri as the vintner.


They were having a wine tasting today, and we were surprised that the new wine is called Aimee, the same name and spelled the same way as our daughter.


On the grounds, they were reconstructing an old 12th century European building , using some of the same stones.  The site is called The Sacred Stones.


Interesting, it was Randolph Hearst  who facilitated this.  He bought the old monastery hoping to use the stones to build a museum in Golden Gate Park.  

The original


The reconstruction




On the way back...

Sept 30 - Rice Fields

While we were in this part of California, the rice fields were getting ready for harvest.


A nice picture of Penny and her son

October 01 - Ryker on a Skateboard







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