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Sept 21 - Oakland A's Baseball Game

It was Mike's birthday today, and he didn't know until 8:30 this morning, that 12 tickets to the A's game in Oakland were bought as a surprise event.


Here we are in the stadium parking lot.



They take tail gate parties seriously here.


food is serious here


and the stadium...



and here we are...




Beau and Ryker


A great time...On the way home, we found a restaurant in Yuba City that had chicken wings for $0.35 each!

Sept 22 - At Penny's Place

A few pictures taken at Penny's place.

Found a big praying mantis in her front yard


haircut time for Hope, Penny's dog


don't know what I was doing

Sept 21 - Salmon Festival

Salmon is big in Chico, with the river running through it.  Time for the annual Salmon Festival.  Ate, listened and saw.  Went later to the salmon fish ladder at the fish hatchery.


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