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Oct 03 - Leaving

Route we took to Yosemite, going through Gold country.  Hwy 49 most of the way.


then coming in on 120.


Oct 04 - Yosemite

We purposed to visit Yosemite and then Zion on the way home.


There was no way we could get a campsite in the Park - all sites were reserved until winter!  So we made the best of it, and tried to see everything this day.  So, Here's the tour...

Coming in on 120 to the main road


taking a walk after parking the RV


had a picnic by the water under the bridge





Lots of displays and walks.  Wished we had time for some of these.



The falls were dry


site of John Muir's cabin


Walk around to the Yosemite Lodge and them back to the road




That's when we saw the bears



and a coyote


and a rock climber


That was it.  We had to find a place to spend the night.

Back along 120, then we started up Tioga pass.  We entered Porcupine Flat Campground even though it said: FULL. It was already starting to get dark as well.  Ready to give up after looking around the campground, a man stopped us and said # 49 was available.  As we started toward the site, another man said the same thing.  We found 49, and it indeed was available, and in fact was a very nice spot. Only then did it get dark. God is good!

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