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Sept 17 - Lassen National Park

Down 395 in California, turn on 299 at Alturas and south through Lassen National Forest to the National Park.


Lots of recent fires, both in the National Forest and the National Park.


The following are maps of the park, and Manzanita Lake in the park. 


We remembered this lake from a previous visit (5 years ago?) and made it a point to spend a day here.

The Visitor Center/Museum and, of course, seniors with ice cream.










Sept 18 - To Durham and Gridley

Bumpass Hell

We drove through the park, again noticing many burned areas, over Bumpass Pass and Bumpass Hell - a mini-Yellowstone.



Then, 36/89 to 32, and 32 to Chico, Durham (home of Penny Miller, Patty's sister) and Gridley (home of Mike Patterson, Patty's brother and his family).

We parked the trailer off the truck in Penny's driveway.


Sept 20 - Ryker's Football Game

Ryker is Mike's son, and this fall, Football takes up several evenings and each Saturday every week. His team is the Gridley Titans.


After the game, a tired football player.


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