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Sept 15 - John Day Fossil Beds National Monument

Further down the road on 26, we come upon the junction of 19 where the road continues through a narrow canyon. These were taken in the moving vehicle as we were travelling through.


Sept 16 - Paulina Lake

West on 26 to Redmond, south to Bend, then south on 372 to he left turn to Paulina Lake in the Newberry National Volcanic Monument.



East Lake


Paulina Falls


Paulina Lake



Lupins are everywhere.  In Texas, we have the bluebonnet form.

The Obsidian Field

An obsidian mountain !




Outback Scenic Highway

Leaving the Paullina area, we turned left past La Pine to follow 31, the Outback Scenic Highway. The object was to get to Goose Lake on eth border of Oregon and California.


It got very dry on this highway. Dust storms and dry lakes. Summer Lake was dry. Stopped for some cowboy work.




Stopped in  the small town of Paisley. The high school thrives here by having a large percentage of foreign exchange students.


We were told that there wasn't anything much towards Goose Lake for camping, so we headed west at Lakeview for about 10 miles to an Escapees commercial campground.

By this time, Ed was tired taking pictures, so they become fewer from here.

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