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Sept 14 - to Baker City, Oregon


86 west.






Oregon Trail Interpretive Center

Just outside of Baker City, in an area where there are still wagon  wheel ruts from travelers on the Oregon trail, there is this great interpretive center.


starting at the beginning and leading right...












A beautiful museum, showing only a part of it here after spending a few hours and a video.

Sept 14 - Baker City Museum

Baker City had a wonderful museum, the building rebuilt from a former natatorium (city swimming pool).  Spent a while there, but took few pictures.



Phillips Lake

We stopped for the night at Phillips Lake Forest Service campground, a few miles west of Baker City.  The lake there was down by quite a few feet, and there were these signs posted. The are now crossbreeding fish to produce predators for the overabundance of yellow perch in the lake !

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