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Sept 11- Alturas Lake, at the boat launch

coming to the Fish Hatchery



Board shows fish returns to the Sawtooth Valley. The personnel very pleased with the results.

These two photos caught our attention.




Sept 11- Camp at Redfish Lake


We camped at Little Redfish Lake. Nice day and we stayed and did laundry, had showers and enjoyed the lakes. In the morning, it was cold!  Morning was 18 dddddegrees!


Sept 12 - Stanley Lake

What can we say? We believe to to be one of the most scenic. The cold made the mist this morning.






From Stanley, we drove up 21 over the loop and then down to Lowman on the Ponderosa Scenic Highway.  The drive from the top loop to Lowman was one of the longest downhills we have experienced.

    Ponderosa Pine Byway Sign



Sept 12 - McCall

21 to Banks, and 55 to McCall





Fancy new monument being constructed.  Look at mosaics in rock wall!


Past McCall, down 95 and up 71 to the Snake River and Oxbow



We come to the snake River, and the Idaho Power Recreation site, Woodhead Park.  We liked this site so much, we stayed two nights.




Someone put up these signs...



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