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Sept 10 - Soda Springs and Bear Lake?

We were thinking to stop at Bear Lake, south of Soda Springs, but we were told it was dry, so we retreated a few miles and then went west through Pocatello and 26 toward Arco.



Hwy 26 is a very lonely road. This brought us past Atomic City,  the EBR-1 (first Experimental Breeder Reactor site) and the Lost River.



Sept 10 - Craters of the Moon

Southwest of Arco, we come to Craters of the Moon, a BIG lava field.




There's a campground at the Visitor Center.


and loop road brings you to lots of black



 Sept 10 - Camp in the Sawtooth Mountains



We stopped for the night at a Forest Service Campground north of Ketchum on Hwy 95 before the Galena summit.

The FS Visitor Center had lots to look at.



Up through here is th start of the Salmon river, so many stories about salmon.


Road to the campsite


The campsite




Sept 11 - Titis Lake Trail

Next morning, we stopped for a hike on the Titis Lake Trail.  We didn't get too far and didn't get to the lake, got exhausted, probably because of the elevation (9000 ft), as well as lots of ups and downs on the trail, but we enjoyed what part we did..






Sept 11 - The Bethine and Frank Church Overlook

Beautiful overlook stop further up the road.



On the way down, some color


and the flats once more and Alturas Lake

Old mining towns once here


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