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Sept 09 - Gros Ventre Campground

This campground is just east of Moose, and that is what we saw there -MOOSE!


First, the bull...



I don't have a picture, but he rubbed his head on the motorhome slideout in the campground next to us.


and then the cow came...


she was having a good time going through the campground


Sept 09 - IDAHO Sheep


We didn't spend any time in Jackson, went west from there on 22/31  - the Teton Scenic Highway.


Near Victor, Idaho, saw these lambs being separated from their mothers and being loaded for market.



We saw many cattle trucks this week - the season to bring them to market before the cold weather sets in.

Sept 09 - Color

The trees are starting to color...




Sept 09 - Pioneer Historic Byway

Driving west on 31, south on 26, then west again towards Henry and the Blackfoot Reservoir and then Soda Springs



Sept 10 - Summit View Campground

Quite typical of Forest Service Campground


We saw sheepherder wagons on the way up


and sheep, of course


and color.

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