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Oct 14 - Levi and Calf

When we visited with the family when we returned,  Levi was excited to tell us tht he had a calf he was looking after.  Apparently, Fatherheart was starting some agricultural projects and had two new calves.



Oct 18 - Tyler Rose Festival

We took the kids (Mary, Anna, Caden and Levi) to Tyler for the Rose parade, then stopped in the afternoon at the Rose Garden for the Queen's Outing.

First, lunch at Popeye's Chicken

Waiting for the festivities to begin, we went to the garden pool.





Then pictures with the  princesses and the queen


Oct 20 - Anna and Dad


Oct 23 - Our flowers


Oct 25 - Anna and Mary Hair color change

Getting ready for dressup, hair color change for the girls


Oct 27 - Levi playing in  the sandpile

Levi loves to play in the sandpile behind our tool shed



Oct 31 - Animals!

Patty with Jude, the Simmons dog, and Levi with baby goats


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