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Oct 10 - ARIZONA - Vermillion Cliffs National Monument

Down from Zion in Utah to Arizona. Interesting signs along the way. One on Sharlot Hall and one on the condor.



Then we came to the Vermillion cliffs.  Spectacular.



Rocks stay red for a long time on this road



Cutting through Arizona...I'll give a few maps here so you can see what we did after Zion. We intended to stop in Sedona in the Forest Service Campground on the creek, but it was full and Sedona was crazy busy that afternoon. We found an overflow area at a campground in Cottonwood.





 Oct 11 - To Mogollon Ridge

WE came this way so that we could again go east on the Mogollon Ridge from Payson to the AZ/NM border on 260/60.  This ridge is about 6000 ft, and in places you see a half mile down.







We stopped at the Forest Lakes for a Forest Service Campground.





Still taking 60 east through New Mexico. A very quiet road, except for the many LONGGGG trains about 200-300 yards south of  the road.  This was also a cattle route.


We stopped at a roadside rest area for the night.  Tired, not many pictures now.

Oct 13 - TEXAS

Next morning.


Passed through Tee-Pee City.  Buffalo hunters.



Lowest fuel prices around.

From Here, no more pictures until we were home.

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