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Nov 13 - Work at YWAM

For the last few weeks, Ed has been working half-days at YWAM at the new Paris hall. His assignment was to build doors for the openings above the doors that service the a/c units.



Nov 23 - Amelia's 15th Birthday

We drove down to Houston/Clear Lake to be with son Derek, daughter-in-law Verr, and granddaughters Amelia and Eleanor.  Celebrated Amelia's 15th Birthday!  Here are some Facebook pictures.

Also had Thanksgiving turkey dinner on Sunday. Put turkey in oven before church, reader whennwe came home.  It was 78 degrees and sunny, so we had Thanksgiving Dinner at 2 pm in the back yard by the swimming pool and the palm trees.



Nov 24 - Bradford Pear Trees at Home


Nov 28 - Leaves!

Then they fell on the ground - so many, ankle deep, couldn't see the walkway.



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