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Oct 08 - Zion National Park

Deer in our camp early this morning.


Time to take in a ranger talk at 10:55 pm today at the Zion Human History Museum.  A good walk from our campground, the South Campground. (Watchman campground was reserved only, and we were told it was "booked every day until winter".)



On the way there.



Many interesting signs and pictures at the Museum



and you can see the natural bridge from here


Nice views of the towers form here



from the front parking area


Oct 09 - Watchman Trail

We did this trail the last time we were here (in 2005).  2.7 miles round trip and 369 ascent. 


At the start we were given a lot of information about the Crypto bionic soil here.



Om the way up, Patty found a really big green rock



and you can see our camp from up here


Great visit to Zion.

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