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Oct 08 - Zion National Park

Talking with the park host last night, we were told that he comes around at about 6 am every morning and removes all of the tags which hadn't been paid beyond that day, and probably would be vacated that day. Today, it was easy to walk to the site without a tag that we wanted and place a new one for today/tomorrow on that site.

First hike today was the Riverside Walk to the Narrows. Take the bus to the Temple of Sinawava stop.



Gorgeous scenery on the walk


Interesting discolorations on the walls


A weeping wall



The Virgin River - signs of previous activity


We saw this deer very close to the walk.


At the site where you have to cross the river to go further.


On the way back


Back at our campsite.

Next hike - the Emerald Pools trail. Take the bus to the Zion Lodge.



    We're ready...


Can you see the walk in the first picture below and the overhanging waterfall?  The pools weren't very emerald today.



Evening time



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