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Oct 06 - Obsidian Mountain

Going south on 395 and turning left on 120, close to the CA-NV border, we came upon an obsidian mountain.  You could see how rock hounds had been here often with chips everywhere.  We sampled a few ourselves.


Past Tonapah, we drove south on 375 on the Extraterrestrial Highway. This was one of the loneliest roads anywhere.  We saw one sign that said the next gas station was 111 miles! We drove at least 40 miles before we saw another car going in either direction.

Turns out that this is the site of area 51.  There is a nice paved road to the right several miles from Rachel that brings you to the gate.

Otherwise, it's an interesting road. with cattle grazing here and there on public land near spots that have canals dug for water.



Nothing much except more road and mountains in the background, some color in them.



Behind the following mountain is Area 51.


Evidence of solver mining.


We stopped for the night in Rachel, where this place had three RV spots.





Oct 07 - Zion National Park

From here, 375 to 93 to 217 then 319/56 and 18 into St. George, then up the Interstate to the road to Zion. Much of he road was similar to the above, except when we approached St George.



We came into Zion a little late, and were told at the gate that there were no spots left to park.  We went in, however, and found a Handicap spot which was empty, and since it was after 5 pm, we were able to take it.  This is not advertized, but handicap spots, whether in State Parks or National Parks, are available to anyone if not taken before 5 pm.

And here is the handicap site we got...


It was just a short walk (50 yards?) to the Virgin River.


We had time for a short walk before retiring for the night.




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