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Oct 05 - Tioga Road


Well, Tioga Road this was a pleasant surprise.  Last night, rushing to the Porcupine Flat campground, we had little time to see our surroundings.  But from here to the eastern gate, it was spectacular.

Olmsted Point

Exfoliating rock




Yes, that is half dome in the distance. With binoculars, we could see climbers.


You can actually hike from Yosemite to this point, but the board here tells of how difficult it is.

Tenaya Lake




This tells how Clark's Nutcracker stores lodgepole pine seeds, and is responsible for the way lodgepole pine trees are often very close to each other, because they came for the same seed cache.

Tioga Pass


spectacular mountain scenery


At the bottom of the road, we were able to spend some time with a picnic lunch near some tall trees and a stream.



Aspen Campground

We found a campground close by with similar features.  It will be closed effective Oct 13, next week, for the season.  This is what it can look like.





Getting firewood from the box.  We had time for a fire for sausages and marshmallows.


Oct 06 - Mono Lake


Coming into 395, we made a left through Lee Vining and onto Mono Lake, and stopped at the Visitor Center. The lake is very salty, and only a strange variety of shrimp grows in it. His shrimp, when collected and dried, was a food staple for Native Americans living in the area.

Looks like a good book.  I didn't like the price, though.


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