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Not much photography these days.  Guess I overshot the last few months in Abu Dhabi.

Mar 03 - Snow Day

A real surprise.  Note the temperature - 20 degrees!  Stayed below freezing for about 48 hours.  Broke all sorts of temperature records in this area.

Mar 14 - Pierce's New Building

Our next door neighbor Jim Pierce just bought a building to put into his building!


Mar 17 - Truck in the mud

Using Pastor Phil's Toyota to pull a larger truck and trailer out of the mud...



Mar 19 - Derek and Fiona Passport

When Derek was about 6 and Fiona 4, we needed to go overseas.  Since Muriel was Scottish and I was Canadian, the two children who are Americans got their own passport.  It was Derek's passport, with Fiona listed as a minor.


Mar 20 - Floor at Rau's

Helped Walt and Marge put in a wood floor at the new double wide they bought for their ministry.  Had Lonnie and Ron helping.




Mar 22 - Ed's Birthday Party at Mike and Steph's

Good friends Mike and Stephanie Reed invited Patty and me and a few guests for my birthday to their house.




Good friends, Donald Duck cake and brownies and brisket and pool!


Mar 26 - Caden and Levi Soccer

Patty and I visited the school to see Caden and Levi play soccer.  Of course, their sister Mary and friend had something to say about that!






Action  !





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