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Feb 07 - Newspaper clips

Finally, got a good picture of that twisted building in Dubai.  Also, this yacht is for sale, ...for only $15 million! Make an offer?


Nice article on Paying It Forward



Feb 09 - Downtown Abu Dhabi


Driving to errands.  Good shot of front of Al Wahda mall, and the World Trade center towers.

We were intrigued with this sign until we saw the English equivalent, which suggested that outdoor advertizing is seen by many people.


There's Patty, in her Indian dress. This past week, we found a ladies dress making shop, and both Patty and Aimee were buying materials and having clothes made...very inexpensively.


Not all inexpensive.  This hand-made cloth was selling for about $100 a yard.



And how about this German motorhome! It was in front of the US embassy.


Aimee modeling some of her clothes, Indian sari and Arab abija..


One of Aimee's paintings.

Feb 10 - At the Airport

What a great 2 months.  Now it was time to go home. These pics were taken at the Abu Dhabi airport about 2:45 am, Monday morning.  Our flight, with a 3-hour layover in Frankfurt was 21 hours long, and it started here at 3:05 am, arriving in Dallas, same day, at 2:25 pm.  10 hours time difference. 

We were delayed about 1:00 am because our extended visa, which was for 30 more days, ended on Friday. For the two extra days, we had to pay a Dhs600 fine = about $170.!


Feb 14 - Valentine's Breakfast Party at BLCRC

First event back was the Breakfast on Valentine's day.  All of the residents at BLCRC were there.







Feb 15 - Anna spending Friday night and Saturday with us

We like to keep one of the grandkids at our place overnight on Friday and spend most of Saturday with him or her.  This was Anna's turn, mostly because we missed her birthday in January being in Abu Dhabi.  That's her Birthday cake!  She saved half for her brothers and sister. And a few birthday and dress of course!



She's becoming a beautiful young woman.


Feb 19 - SPIRIT

During the last couple of months in Abu Dhabi, I have been preparing for a class to be taught at our church.  The title is Man is spirit and soul and body and is about the battle for our soul and how it is won by a personal spirit / Holy Spirit relationship.  I have included the NOTES  and the SLIDES .  If you read these and have any questions, please email at, or phone (903) 343-2335.


Feb 20 - Our First Flower at Home

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