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Mar 31 - Sower Rally at Trinity Pines

We participated a in a Sower Reunion/Rally at Trinity Pines Conference Center in Trinity Texas.  Lots of fun with other Sowers we knew and met.


Ed telling a story

assembling for instructions from Gary


Hot dog roast, of course


assembling inside for "performances" at the annual Talent Show



The new Conference Center, built by Sowers of course






and the annual auction

Sowers work hard, pray hard and play hard !


Apr 12 - Field Flowers on County Road 424

Driving to Brady's place, the fields on CR 424 were full of Spring flowers.



Apr 14 - Abrahamsen Farewell

Saying goodbye to Tom and Donna Abrahamsen who are moving back to Washington.


Apr 15 - Blood Red Moon

The first blood red moon of 2014-2015, occurring on Passover 2014.


Apr 28 - Flowers at Home

Just a few of the flowers at home at this time of year






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