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July 27- 29 - Farm Island Recreation Area, Pierre


After the Sunshine project, we headed for Farm Island Recreation Area, on the Missouri river just outside of Pierre.  Had three nights there, enough time to relax, walk, read, kayak and rent recumbent bikes.


Beautiful park....






AND the bikes! It took a while to get used to them.



Scenery very diverse



July 30 - Another restaurant

This time it was Patty's turn for the big burger. A patty with Portobello mushroom caps replacing the bun!


July 30 - Minuteman Missile Site


There are still some 450 Minuteman III underground missile sites carrying nuclear weapons, many of them in central South Dakota,

July 30-31 Badlands National Park


We spent a couple of days at the Badlands National Park.



Our campground...



On a hike with a park ranger...


On a drive...



Then, there was this dark gray lichen-like matter (cryptobionic soil) on some rocks, that immediately turned green when a little water was poured on it.



and BUFFALO, but far away

July 31 - Wall Drug

Proof we stopped there as well.


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