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Aug 01 - Indian Taco

On the road to meeting our friends and neighbors, Kirk and Pam Wood, who are hosting a State Rec Area (Shep Canyon), we drove through Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. The town of Pine Ridge was having a PowWow this weekend, and we stopped at the fairgrounds there for indian tacos.  Sure was good!

Passed through Wounded Knee site...

Aug 02 - Sheps Canyon State Rec Area

With Kirk and Pam.

Aug 02 - Crazy Horse Monument

Just north of Custer City on US 385.



Aug 02 - Cedar Canyon Wesleyan Camp

Here we are parked at the camp. If we are staying for a few days someplace, especially here for several weeks, we take the camper off the truck.


About one  hundred yards away, there is a sharp drop in elevation exposing cedar canyon and Rapid City,

Grass is very tall here.

Some camp posters. They get pretty busy here earlier in the summer.


Aug 06 - Painting Cabin Rooms at the Camp.

Here are the ladies painting the 16 rooms in a cabin.


and the guys replacing a wooden door with a metal one.


We have some Christian motorcyclists tenting here at the camp, getting ready for evangelizing at the motorcycle rally this week in Sturgis.

Some bookmarks Patty made,


Aug 08 - Rapid City

Went into town today, saw many bikes. Karen now qualifies.....

Look at this Indian bike - my favorite.


Interesting alleyway with all sorts of graffiti and paintings.


Bikes! At  the Firehouse Brewing Company


Bob suiting up...Bob and Karen bought two new bikes this year.

At Rapid City Harley Davidson dealer.  Many bikes, many people. Set up with accessory vendors and assembly shops.






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