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July 16 -Brick work for new school sign

 A new lighted sign was ordered to replace the old and weathered one, and several men started making a brick wall support for it.



It took another week before the sign was delivered,  Bob Wakeman sent us this photo.

July 18 - Patty's rock

Patty likes to take rocks home for her garden at bass Lake,  but she wasn't allowed to take this one!

July 20 - Sheetrock work

Ed spent most of two weeks doing sheetrock installation and tape and mud work.  This was the basement and stairs of a large building.


also, organized workshops

July 20 - Ladies Paint work

The ladies spent the same time painting the gym entrance, bathrooms and dorm rooms.

Also washing windows

Also library work, covering books

we also had LOTS of fun....



In the last picture, couples left to right are: Ed and Patty, Bob and Karen Lovell, Gorlyn and Ruthie Hagenbaumer and Bob and Billie Wakeman.

Can you guess what the two boys are doing?


Rich and Millie Richer invited us to dinner one evening, another couple invited us to homemade ice cream on another evening.

We had devotions together every morning and celebrated anniversaries....


July 23

Went for a walk. Big silver maple, other flowers/weeds.


July 25

Out to lunch. Big burger, Bob.

Ed at work on the computer

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