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July 01 - Our 2014 adventure

This year, we have signed up for 2 Sower projects (July and August) in South Dakota  (Sunshine Bible Academy in Miller, and Cedar Canyon Wesleyan Bible Camp in Rapid City) and also plan to be in California by Sept 18 to spend about 10 days or so for Patty 's sister Penny's birthday and Patty's brother Mike's birthday.

July 01 - Lawton, OK

We decided to take US 83 straight up from Texas  to South Dakota, and since it was close to Lawton, we stopped to spend some time with family. These are some pics taken at a restaurant where Diana and Justin (Aimee's husband Gary's daughter and son-in-law) brought Aubree - our first great grandchild.


July 02 - Quiet Roads - Texas

Good examples of the wide open spaces along this highway....

Then, some interesting buildings in town...the last one on HWY 66.



July 03 - Camp along the way

July 04 - Scott Falls, Nebraska

Just short of the South Dakota border, this delightful state park.







Our Routing to Miller, South Dakota


July 05 - St Lawrence SD Iron Horse

Small town of St. Lawrence in South Dakota - someone building this iron horse from the steel supports for railway ties (rectangular, several holes) from an abandoned rail track.


July 08 - Rasmussen's plane

Sowers Rasmussen's flew to Miller with their airplane to have lunch with the Sowers working this project.


July 08 - Sunshine Bible Academy, Miller, South Dakota

Some shots at the Academy.  School starts mid-August, so the campus is empty.

Old and mew gym.  Chapel.  Dorms.



Don't you wish all schools were like this?

We put up these library book shelves the first morning.

Kind of a lonely road out there, 13 miles from Miller, SD

We were treated to a rosy sunset most evenings.

July 11 - Trip to Millerdale Colony

Took a trip to a Hutterite colony 6 miles or so away. We weren't allowed to take pictures.

It was a colony of several hundred people, manufacturing embroidered hats, personalized metal and glass objects, and printed t-shirts. Since they also prepared much of their own food, we bought some chicken potpies.

On the way back, we had a flat tire. 

July 12 - Trip to Pierre, SD

Pierre (pronounced Peer) is the SD capitol. About an hour and a half away.

First stop was the visitor center, which was unfortunately closed. Great outdoor flowers, though.

Lewis and Clark country.

The State Cultural Heritage museum is built into a cliff side. It's dark grey, and hard to see in a pic.  The second pic is across the street. rolling countryside.

Next stop was the Capitol.

Stone floors with a few blue stones and heart-shaped stones hidden in them.  Can you find them?





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