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Jan 23 - Golf in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Golf anyone?  These pics of courses in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Abu Dhabi





Jan 23 - Meatloaf for Supper

Quite a meatloaf tonight.  Looks like meatloaf sandwiches tomorrow?




Stayed home, but went out for a Saturday BBQ at some Australian friends of Gary.  Got to taste Pavlova cake (made with egg whites, like a meringue, served with cream and fresh fruit) and 4&20 Australian meat pies.

On Sunday night, had dinner with a doctor friend of Gary's, and his wife and daughter, at a Italian restaurant at the Beach Hotel.  Was a nice evening. He was from Iraq, studied in the UK, left IRAQ in 2002, son a doctor in US, daughter finishing school as a pharmacist. Was able to leave IRAQ with his family because he was offered a position in Kuwait as a dean of a school.  Said he will retire in Dominica, as he "bought" a citizenship there.

Jan 27 - Building Progress

Some progress on the roof panels, and a small shed-type building.


Meanwhile in the back, progress on the main University building

Jan 27 - Articles in the Paper

Some articles of interest in the paper today

Some people are just satisfied with so little: Could you live that way?


You knew that Dubai bas an indoor skiing slope inside one of its malls?

View of adjacent houses from the balcony on the third floor. The red is bougainvillea, everywhere this time of year.


Jan 29 - Lasagna

Chicken lasagna night tonight.


Jan 30 - Bowling Night

Gary had over 40 people from his work sign up for bowling tonight.  Had lots of fun. I was the official photogrpher, ad took over 500 pictures.  Here are some of them.

First, had supper at the Noodle Bowl (like that name for restaurant at the bowling alley?) Chinese.


This is a big alley.


Prizes for the best players.

Some good form


Lots of people playing and having fun



and lots of interesting faces depending on what the ball did or didn't



and Joe


The champs

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