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Feb 01 - Al Ain - Jebel Hafeet

Drive to Al Ain today, about 120 km from Abu Dhabi.  Two stops - the first at Jebel Hafeet, the tallest mountain in the UAE, with a ride to the top described as one of the top ten best in the world.

Not much traffic today, Saturday.




Some facts about the mountain.  Zoom out to read better.


At the top




Graffiti in all languages.



Feb 01 - Al Ain - Zayed Palace Museum

In town, the former residence of the Sheiks, now a museum.



His Land Rover

Some of the ceramic tiles

Teak wood everywhere


An oil, the royal family tree and Sheikh Khalifa the current ruler.

Inside the rooms


tea service, tea service and a crib

A squatty pottie


Feb  03 - Bright Riders School

Finally got a pictures of what that school across the street will look like when finished. Its a private school for Indian students. There has been a lot of interest lately in this villa complex by Indian people for that reason.


Another casserole.  This one a tuna casserole that Aimee made.


Feb 04 - Another Mall -Capital Mall

This mall very new.  Looked like only the local grocery chain, Lulu,  was open.  Mall looks rather plain compared to other malls in the area.


Interesting headline in the paper.  Thirty-seven new towers in the next few years , mostly on Reem Island in Abu Dhabi.  These will be similar to those there already - 45-70 story towers! Dh22billion is approximately $6 billion US.

Feb 06 - And Yet Another Mall - in Dubai

Gary took a day off  today, and we drove to Dubai.  Stopped at the Mall of the Emirates, where they have a snow skiing hill.  Yes, you can snow ski in Dubai when it's 120 degrees outside!

This is a big mall, with al kinds of stores - from Tiffany's to the Gap.




That second picture is hard to see - the ceiling is actually cut out on the top floor.




And then - Ski Dubai




We had supper at the Cheesecake Factory... Yum!  On the way there, at the Dubai Mall, we caught a few more pictures of the buildings in the area.


 The big aquarium in the mall, outside the restaurant...


And the cheese cake, of course...


On the way back home, we stopped at the grocery store called Safest Way to pick up paper supplies.  A good view of the Burj here.


Feb 07- New Airport terminal in Abu Dhabi

I thought this was an interesting shot of the raising of the first arch for the new passenger terminal at Abu Dhabi airport.


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