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Jan 15 - Update on new construction at the Gate Towers

You recall the picture (left) of the sky, sun and gate towers on the left.   On the right is a rendition of what it will soon look like with the addition of a 4th tower and additional buildings.



Jan 15 - Patty dressed up

Patty having fun with dressing up.


Jan 17- Pictures in the paper The National

A story about the high rises in Abu Dhabi contained a number of nice photos and id of some buildings we have seen.



The World Trade Center buildings, and a listing of the ten tallest buildings in the city (64-88 stories), built 2010-2014.



Jan 17 - The Highways

I am amazed at the quality of the highways in Au Dhabi and Dubai. Notice interstate-type construction, wide roads, full lighting (not just at intersections), planted trees, flowers, etc.



Jan 17 - The Beach

Good day for the beach.  Not as cold as it was on Christmas. We stopped a little to the left of where we were before.  A few rocks here. Gary's car - got it repainted Tennessee Titans color last year.




Also some shells


Gary relaxed...and...Oggy relaxed


On the way back, a couple of good pictures of that pancake building.



Jan 19 - The National pics

Two pics in the paper today caught my attention.

Real estate in the Dubai Marina area is the most expensive in the nation.  Impressive skyline, with the twisted building.


The big yellow duck is here for the World Energy Conference at the Exposition Center


Jan 19 - Grocery store, Ace and IKEA

Caught these cakes and pastries at the grocery store. The prices are in dirhams. 272 dirhams make $100, so each is just over a quarter. Cakes are then $27, and pastries a little over $3. Water in bottles is often sold for 1 dirham - 27 cents.



Ace, IKEA on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi


Covered parking, and the parking garage for the biggest mall in Abu Dhabi being constructed.

Aimee getting measured for new glasses


Made some shepherds pie tonight.  Have some left.  You hungry?


Jan 20 - Across the Street Construction Update

If you are following the construction of the school across the street.





Jan 20 - Dinner at The Club

Gary's boss, Joe, invited us to dinner tonight at The Club, a complete sports and marina facility with several restaurants.  It's in Abu Dhabi, and has just celebrated its 50th anniversary. The parking lots were full because there are several events every Monday night, and one with the added appeal of having a lottery drawing of all members present for a prize of DHs30,500. (that's about $8000).  It goes up DHS500. each week as long as the winning  ticket is not claimed.  (It wasn't claimed tonight).


A tour of the outside

An adult-only beach with the skyline across the water. Heated swim pool, of course.

Care to watch a movie outside with your dinner? Popcorn available.  Or inside with an enormous flat screen TV?

Here's an outdoor BBQ  Where is Joe taking us?...I want to stop here.


Ah, here it is.  we're going to The Restaurant. Different buffet themes every night.  Tonight's theme is Carvery night - all sorts of carved meats.

and salads



We have a hot starter

 and look forward to the main meal


Ate too much...


Jan 20 - Surprise today for Emirati Youth


Interesting.  Detailed announcement on Twitter.  If you finish high school, 9 months; if you don't, 24 months. Then a lifetime reserve.

Lots of whys. The paper lately has mentioned underemployed youth, obesity, need to instill sense of unity and patriotism lacking in the tribal nature of the Emiratis.  Also, it may be about time for the UAE, valued in the tens of trillions, to be able to defend itself militarily.

The paper the next day had several reports and letters to the editor supporting the implementation. Mandatory conscription has its benefits, teaching youth responsibility, work ethic and even morality.   I remember a comment made on a TV program last year that upon joining the Second World War in 1941, "the US had 2.5 million men who knew how to make their beds and willing to say Yes Sir" because of the CCC program in the 30's.

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