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Aug 26 - Legion Lake

First lake to visit - it was the closest to our campground.



The lake was a pretty spot where we came back to a few times.  On one occasion, we walked around the lake, and saw some interesting things on the backside behind the dam.


Aug 26 - Needles Highway and tunnels

The northwest entrance had been unavailable to use with the camper, because of the low clearance highways.  Camper is 8ft 6 wide and 10 ft 6 tall.  So we took a drive on the needled highway when we had unloaded the camper at the campground.

At the first of these tunnels, we stopped for a deer, and it decided it needed to go through...


More tunnels...


The highway has many of these interesting rock formations.









Aug 26 - Stockade Lake

Where our campsite is situated.  All pretty lakes.


Aug 26 - Sylvan Lake



And the Lodge where we had a meal.  We decided on this trip to Custer State Park that we would eat at the different lodges.


Aug 27 - Custer State Park



The Calvin Coolidge summer white house



The man at the desk allowed us to see some of the rooms. We later ate a buffet dinner here.







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