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AUG 24 - Bob and Karen ready for day touring


Aug 25 - Mount Rushmore


X marks the spot where the Cedar Canyon Camp is located.  Mount Rushmore is south of Rapid City on Hwy 16. Other highlights are routes taken to Deadwood and Custer State Park.


  We're practicing taking selfies.


Why is it that we find seniors at National parks sitting on a wall eating ice cream?


       Couldn't help it!  Perfect ice cream day.

You can't take bad pictures of Mount Rushmore, especially on a clear blue sky day.



Many pictures of the construction.




Ranger talk



Aug 26 - Custer State Park - Buffalo

We were now finished with our Sower project at Cedar Canyon Camp, and started our journey west. Goal was the Chico area of California on September 18, where we would spend a week or so with Penny and Mike (Patty's sister and brother) for their birthdays. Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta OR Wyoming Idaho Oregon? We'll see...

First stop was Custer State Park in the Black Hills of South Dakota, since we were already there.

  South on 16 past Mount Rushmore, then west to 385/16, south to Custer City and east on 16 to our campground.

Saw many buffalo on the wildlife loop.



Other critters as well...

Aug 26 - CSP - Needles Highway



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