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Aug 28 - To Devils Tower

Start of our journey west towards California. First stop was north west of Custer, along Hwy 16 then up 85, 585 and 14 towards the monument.


We saw some pronghorn along the way.




Then the Tower was in sight.  Big. Bigger as we approached it...



In the Visitor Center, there is an Indian story, and accompanying painting, that says the tower got its stripes when a bear chased a boy up the tower, and scraped it trying to get up.



In our national park campground at $8 per night!   We have senior passes, so we don't pay to enter National Parks and Monuments, and then camping is reduced by 50% as well.

Later that evening, we waited with several other people in the park amphitheatre for a "scheduled" ranger program, but the ranger never showed. We found out next day that someone forgot to remove the sign advertizing the program.

 Aug 29 - Devils Tower

We spent the morning near the Visitor center, taking the hike encircling the tower.  There are many views...




Opposite, we see a large expanse of land, at one time a "cattleman's heaven".


Flowers and plants along the way..




Then we saw rock climbers...


A great morning.

From the  Devils Tower, we drove west along 14 and 16 to Buffalo.



Aug 30 - Up Hwy 16 from Buffalo.

Stopped at the visitor center in Buffalo, and talked with this gentleman who told us of the many National Forest campgrounds west of here on 16.

But first, the statue in front of the Center...


He's drinking water from his hat that he had dipped in the pool.


Quite a ride....




We stopped at this lake and accompanying campground, suggested by the man at the Visitor Center, but the campground was full.


  Beware of Livestock Dogs? 

Stopped at this parking space further on, and spent the night here.

Moving on, we started descending to Ten Sleep.  Pictures don't give you the size of the canyon going down the hill.




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