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Aug 18  - Back to work

After a busy weekend, it was back to work.  We had some success with installing the first metal door, now we were challenged with a metal double door.  Rough opening had to be increased.


Patty's photos...

Aug 20 - Door completed


For the bottom, we had to surface the concrete under the door, plane a treated 2X8, attached the 2X8 to the concrete with construction adhesive and tapcon screws, level and apply aluminum threshold. For the top, the door was about 5 inches higher than the the old door, so we had to raise the wood structure and cut the inside and outside surfaces..  The door was also wider, so we had to move upright studs. Got to use the hammer a lot pulling out nails and reattaching the wood members.

Aug 23 - Reptile Gardens

Another trip with the Lovells to the Reptile Gardens. Patty's brother, Mike, said it was a highlight of his trip to this area earlier this summer.


Many flowers, outside...



and inside






other critters





alligator wrestling...


and a story board

last but not least... a carrot cake for birthday Bob

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