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Aug 09 - Norwegian Church

We went on a ride with Bob and Karen to visit some of the sites in the area. First stop was the Norwegian Church - a replica of an old wooden church built and used here until recently by the local Norwegian Lutherans.




Outside we mat a local artist who was creating runes - replicas of Viking stones.


The we noticed the gift shop with Ole and Lena statues....



Next stops were Pactola Lake...

and Sheridan Lake



How about this chevy Trike?


Aug 13 - Group shots

Flowers around the place, taken during a walk


Aug 14 - Moving Furniture

Moving furniture and beds to empty the rooms the girls were painting.


Aug 14 - Assorted

Love this neon sign in downtown Rapid City.

Some pictures of pictures taken by Patty,


Aug 15 - Spearfish and Deadwood

Drove to Deadwood with Kirk and Pam Wood who drove up for the day, passing first the Spearfish Lodge. Spectacular road.









several casinos and hotels


On the way back on the Interstate.  Clear day, rolling hills.


Aug 16 - Deadwood

Went again to Deadwood - this time with Bob and Karen.

At the falls on Spearfish road...


This insect on Patty's glasses

Again the Spearfish Lodge




On to Deadwood - Look at the size of this lodge.

Deadwood having their outdoor shoot-out productions.







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