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July 14 - Pentwater

Spent a day at Pentwater, a town about 15 miles north of where we were staying. This is a view of Lake Pentwater before you come to the town.

There is a canal/waterway between Lake Pentwater and Lake Michigam. You can walk alongside the canal where there are some really nice homes.



Looking back towards the town....



and  then a really nice beach....



concert on the green


July 16 - Hart Craft Fair

Hart is a few miles east of Silver Lake.





July 17 - Silver Lake State Park

Visited  this state park just about 2 miles south of Grace Adventures, and across the Silver Lake Sand Dunes.


what a great idea for a firepit

July 18 - Bob and My Work at Grace Adventures

Another look at the firepit bences and cubbyhole structures that Bob and I constructed here.


July 19 - On the Dunes....

Our host at the project, Eric, took us jup to the dunes oi his truck.




July 21 - Outdoor concert in Hart


Later, Dale showed us the Wurlitzer that he had constructed.  It will be used in the theatre behind his house for silent movies.



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