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July 1 - Botanas !


    What a meal at a local Mexican Restaurant in Hart. Botanas is similar to nachos, except no cheese, instead veggies.  Meet was a combination of marinated pork and shredded beef.

Over  the next few weeks, we ate this 3 times.














July 2 - USS Silversides in Muskegon


We took a short trip south to the Museum in Muskegon that houses a world war II submarine, USS Silversides.

It was Russ Bennett that brought us there.




Here are some newspapers of the time Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese.


Actual instrument used by a navy sailor which was the inspiration for the boogie woogie song "Bugle Boy of Company C".



Outside views...we also took a tour of the inside. We were about 20 on the tour, and felt cramped...couldn't visualize what it was like with a full crew of 72. 


beach on the way home


July 6  - Hammock time

Bob and Patty really liked these hammocks at Grace Adventures.



July 7 - Having fun with Bob and Karen




ladies in the kitchen with Patty


July 09 - In an art shop in Ludington




at the beach there

July 10 - Bob's and My Handiwork, 12 seats like these


July 12 - More wood work




July 12 - Tree Removal Truck

Luke, who works at Grace, had this truck on his lawn ready to cut a large tree down the next day.



July 13 - Little Sable Lighthouse

On Wednesday evenings, a music program at the Little Sable Lighthouse, about 5 miles south of where we were staying at Grace Adventures.



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