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January- February 2015

 No pictures taken with the camera in January.  Here are a few from Ed's Phone.



  One evening at home, the skies were painted.

January 18 -  Good bye to Paul Baloche at church

This is a cake!

  Paul was the worship leader at the church for 23 years.

January 24 - Rock Show in Tyler

We took Caden to a rock show in Tyler.  On these two tables were rock specimens that looked like food!


January 19 - Boatright's Home Construction in Mineola

Pat and Marvin Boatright are building a new home in Mineola.




However, in January, we got a call from Bob and Karen Lovell who were staying a few months at the Happy Trails Campground in  Surprise, Arizona - a few miles northwest of Phoenix.  They asked if we could drive up and join them for a trip to Havasu City to see the fireworks exhibition at the Pyrotechnics Conference in mid-February.  They would book a double bedroom suite at the London  Bridge Resort for our stay.  As well, we cold come a few days early and stay a week or so later for a two-week stay in Arizona.  We said Yes!

A few days later, we got a call from Gorlyn and Ruthie Hagerbaumer, with whom we worked as Sowers in Minnesota (2013) and South Dakato (2014).  Asking, of course, when we would come and see them!  We decided to make a round trip, and start with Houston on the weekend of Feb 7 to spend a couple of days with Derek, Verr, Amelia and Eleanor, before turning west to Arizona.

February 11 - London Bridge Resort in Lake Havasu City





February 13 - Oatman     

We drove north to the old western town of Oatman.



and of course, the gunfight!

On the way back:


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