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Dec 02 - Door no 9

Had one more door to do at YWAM.


Dec 05 - Brunch with Mary

We took in the semi-annual garage sale in Van at the Methodist church with Mary.  Then went to the Dinner Bell for some Jason's Hash!


Dec 07 - Levi's Birthday Dinner

Pancakes at IHOP! 5 of them, then ice cream sundae.



Dec 16 - Christmas at the Simmons'

It was time to open Christmas gifts. Brady, Jan and the kids will be in OK for Christmas starting the 19th, so this was a good time to exchange gifts. We started the evening with a dinner at Dinner Bell in Van.

Mary and Anna with Jonathan and Gracie, two that they are keeping until they get adoption parents.


Getting ready to rip wrap...














Jan and Brady




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