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Monday Aug 03 - Old Forge and Golden Beach State Park , Adirondacks

On the way to the Adirondacks, some early corn on a roadside stand.

We drove into the Adirondacks on Hwy 28, and stopped in Old Forge, and spent a short time on the picnic benches overlooking the lake there.


Up the road, we stayed the night at Golden Beach State Park.


Tues Aug 04 - The Wild Place

Up 28, we stopped at the Wild Place in Tupper Lake to stretch our legs.





   Here, there is a large solar facility both for electricity and for hot water heating.

Towards Lake Placid, we stopped at the Saranac Sourdough Cafe for lunch. We parked across the street in back of Stewart's Gas Station.


Tues Aug 4 - Truck Problems

Saranac Sourdough, just north of Lake Placid.


The truck wouldn't start. Had to be towed. Found out later it was the ac compressor that had seized, and the batteries could not budge the serpentine belt.

We had to spend a few days in Saranac Lake until the parts were received and the truck was serviced.







Sed August 05 - Saranac Lake





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