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Sept 03 - Cumberland Mountain State Park TN





even a swiming pool and a golf course...





Sept 04 - Elkmont, Smokies National Park






went on a hike




then we saw the old ruins of the Elkmont settlement


there used to be a train from Knoxville...



Sept 08 - Southern Pines NC

We spent about 10 days with Bob and Karen at their home in Southern Pines.  On the 8th, we took a rip around town and took a walk around the lake in Reservoir Park.







he Southern Pines train station


Then had a great burger at the 55 Diner. This next is a mural in the store.


Sept 13 - Carolina Beach, NC

A few days later, we opted to go to the coast and rent a condo for the evening.


this was the deck behind the hotel


and the beach....





Sights around Carolina Beach



Sept 14 - Fort Fisher

Decided to go back home through Fort Fisher and Southport.

Taking the ferry across



Ate at Fishy Fishy




Sept 18 - Putt Putt

Took our $2 putters to the fancy golf course in Pinehurst for play putt putt.


Sept 19 - near Lake Norman

On the way home, stayed at a park near Lake Norman



Sept 21 - Cedar`Creek, TN (near Nashville)





For now, the entries continue in January 2018.

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