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Jun 13 - Rat work on Truck

We found out, after being on the road for a half day, that many of the wires in the truck engine had been chewed and eaten by a rat!


Ed was able to do the required repairs on the wires to keep the truck going.


Next few days are pics taken at various campsites where we stopped for the night on the way to Michigan.





June 15 -


June 16 -




June 16-20 - Lost

 A series of photo folders are lost. These included some shots of campgrounds in Indiana and especially about 75 pictures taken at the Auburn-Cord-Deusenberg Musem in Auburn Indiana.

June 21 - Balloon art with the Friends

We stopped for a few days to visit with friends who now live in East Lansing.  This is their new dog Lana.

Hiding in the  cabinets

out for a walk in a park



making string balloons




Jun 21 - Art projects


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