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Sept 16 - Sandy Point Beach , New Jersey

Leaving Massachusetts and Emil and Johane, travelling south towards North Carolina, stopped at Sandy Point New Jersey.



that's Manhattan, New York City, in the background



Sept 21 - Camping with Bob & Karen

Arrived in Nofrth Carolina where Bob and Karen Lovell are staying with their son.  We parked our camper and truck in their front yard and stayed a couple of weeks.

Some color already



Took our camper and their trailer to a park close by and spent a couple of day there.  On the way, the truck had a problem with the rubber connector shown here between two parts of the supercharger, and it burst and came off.  We were able to find a replacement at a Ford dealer less than 10 miles away!

      Nice spider on Bob's car.


There was an old homestead on the property belonging to a 19th century doctor and later his two daughters who pioneered some horticultural practices.





Yeah....that's us....


Sept 23 - Our campsites and more of the park



Nice campsites....






  What kind of flower?

Up the mountain...


Rhyolite and arrowhead quarry


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