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Thurs July 216 - Start of 2015 Trip

This starts our summer 2015 trip to Montreal and beyond.  We have been late in starting because we have been keeping company with Bob and Karen before they leave for North Carolina. But Patty has been having problems with a molar and went to our dentist who saw that she had a serious abscess that needed taken care of. He was not willing to do a root canal then, but gave Patty an antibiotic prescription, and the suggestion that if it didn't get any better he could find a root canal specialist anywhere we would be in the next month or so.

Sat July 18 - Joseph

Drove to Pinson Tennessee to see our friend Joseph and stayed until Saturday morning. Patty was feeling her tooth and was ready to get a dentist to look at it.

Mon July 20 - Fiona

Drove to Mt Juliet, Tenn, to see Fiona for a few days.  As usual, Fiona had a fun couple of days planned for us.- a marionette show featuring many Opry stars, a book signing, the movie Mr Holmes and lunch at the Southern.


Outside the Opry Museum where we saw the puppet show, and across the street at the "Bat" building. Can you see the 29+ songs that the puppets "sang"?

Wed July 22 - Dental work Patty

Patty was really feeling her tooth, so we had our dentist recommend a root canal specialist in My Juliet. He was quite sure that there was a crack in the tooth, so we had an appointment made to an oral surgeon down the street who pulled her molar. Not the best way to start a three-month trip!

Thurs July 23 - Barren River COE, Kentucky



Barren River COE Park in Kentucky -  one of our favorites, an hour or two from Fiona's place.

Fri July 24 - East

Long ride. East on 80 towards London, and further past Manchester (sounds like we're in England?). Tried to get to  Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park (circed).  Our map said we needed to get off the main road, go south a few miles, then north about 12 miles past Confluence. We were game and rode up on a narrow road with no way to turn around, then were stopped after that distance after crossing a narrow bridge, going north about another mile on a road about 8 feet wide, then stopped by a 2-3 inch mud flow across the road. We backed up (!) and saw a police car waiting for us. He tells us the camp was closed and we asked why there wasn't a sign about 12 miles away that this was so. He  said everyone knew about the flood they just had!

We backed up, got on the road again, and spend the rest of the afternoon and evening at Carr Creek State Park, due east on 15.

On the way, stopped and saw these:  Patty wants Ed to make some of those flowers.



Sat July 25 - Paintsville COE

Up 23, looked at Jenny Wiley State Resort Park, didn't like it, and went further North on 23 to Paintsville Lake SP. 

Paintsville COE, arrived at 12, had to wait until 4. Previous guest had his father pull a camper to our spot and left, but father did not arrive until 4. Quiet day.


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