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February 15 - Desert Bar

The concierge at the hotel said that one of the sites to visit was the Desert Bar just north of Parker. We drove south, and then on about 5 miles of rough dirt road, we came upon  the Desert Bar - a large hamburger/beer/music establishment that probably had several hundred people there.  Originally, a mine, then a small shack was opened which grew and grew over the years.


February 17 - Wickenburg

From Phoenix, we drove north to Wickenburg, Arizona to visit the museum.  Wonderful museum, but not allowed to take pictures.



Last picture: there was a time 1863-1890 when there was no jail in Wickenburg, and rowdies an drunks were chained to this tree.  This is just one of many statures in Wickenburg showing its colorful history.

February 17 - Congress Cactus Garden

Just up the road, Bob and Karen took us up the road to the Escapees RV park in Congress, which has this beautiful cactus garden, spread over several acres.  Cactus flowers were not in bloom, but you can imagine what it looks like when they are.




This next Saguaro, Methuselah,   has lived since about 1600.

    house had these many pink flamingos!


Some smaller cacti for sale.

Rest of trip

No more pictures.  We drove from Phoenix to McAllen Texas to visit with Gorlyn and Ruthie Hagermeyer, Sower friends.  East from Phoenix on I10, we turned off at Van Horne, then towards Alpine and Del Rio. Coming into Alpine at dark, it got very cold (22 degrees!) and foggy.  An ice fog developed and all the vegetation was covered in ice. The next morning, it was all gone.

Drove into McAllen after a nice ride along the Amistad Reservoir and the Rio Grande. We stayed with Gorlyn and Ruthie for four days. Great time together as we went to the various places where they volunteer.  Also went to two dances and had lots of fun together.

Gorlyn recently bought a  Roland synthesizer accordion and we were treated to several evenings of his playing. 

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