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Sept 02 - Lake Creek Camp on Chief Joseph HIghway to Cody


What a ride... nearly unbelievable scenery...


this was at one of the stops





above: met these men from England crossing the country (500 miles per day) on motorcycles


further on down, a stop describing the Nez Perce War






this map shows the mountains we crossed in the last few days, and the route we are taking taking after Cody to Yellowstone and beyond

The Buffalo Bill Center of the West in Cody

This museum, actually 4 museums under one roof, is one of the best museums we have visited.  We spent an afternoon, could have spent two days easily.

lots of stuffed animals


look at the claws on a grizzly bear!

one of our favorites

some sculptures


Famous original paintings

the Morans



lots of Buff\alo Bill memorabilia


old wagons


Towards our campground that night, Clearwater Campground on road to Yellowstone. We had a campsite right on the river.





the next morning

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