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Sept 06 - Yellowstone Vehicles

At Madison parking lot , the Yellowstone vehicles were on display.

From older to newer....



That's me in the driver's seat.  One of the drivers told us all about these cars and let me sit in one of them.


Sept 07 - Lewis Falls

On our way down to the Tetons




Sept 07 - Colter Bay, Grand Teton

Down from Yellowstone on the Rockefeller Parkway, you get to Colter Bay on Jackson Lake and where the Jackson Lodge is. Big marina.


How are these for postcard pictures? Mt Moran.


Sept 07 - The Tetons

Grand Teton on the left. Mt Moran on the right



Sept 07 - Jackson Lake



Sept 07 - Jackson Lodge

A series of cabins...



I liked this one


rental office..


an old telephone switchboard


The Jackson Lake Lodge


On the porch outside, although you can't see it here, there was a moose browsing.

Sept 07 - More Tetons


Went on a hike to Oxbow Bend Turnout where a ranger naturalist was showing us the birds in  this area. Spotted TWO bald eagles, and lots of magpies.



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