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Sept 01 - UP to Burgess Junction and down Alt 14


After all of that "wilderness", we were surprised to see this big lodge at Burgess Junction (corner 14 and 14A).


Toward Big Horn Canyon

Down (west) on Alt 14, then north on 37.






Went on a walk to see the canyon.

Found this rock here with different colors ....


Here it was!




Beautiful colors in the hills


Big Horn Canyon Lake



Our campground there



Sept 02 - to Red Lodge


From Bighorn Canyon, south to Lovell, up 310 to 72, and across to Red Lodge

Beautiful scenery coming out of Bighorn Canyon



Past the site of the Smith Mine Disaster



Clear day



Coming to Red Lodge




There was a fair in town, with music on the square.

Site of the big mine in Red Lodge


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